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Bees on Honeycomb
Bees on honeycomb made of hexagons

Welcome to The Texas Tribune platforms team tech blog! We’re a lean, four-person team comprised of Director of Technology Amanda Krauss, System Architect Daniel Craigmile, Developer Kathryn Beaty, and Developer Liam Andrew.

We support the efforts of the fantastic Texas Tribune editorial, events, marketing, membership, and sponsorship teams. We work on the CMS and websites for The Texas Tribune and TribTalk, both of which are Django apps. We integrate third-party services such as Eventbrite and Mailchimp into the site. Since we have a small team, we all wear many hats and have a hand in everything from maintaining the servers and databases on the backend to building with tools like Sass, JavaScript, and Grunt on the front end.

Why is our blog called Notes from the Hexagon? A hexagonal desk sits in the center of our corner of the newsroom, and when we’re not typing away at our standing desks, we’re sitting around its six sides with our laptops. A few of our colleagues started calling our space The Hexagon, and we embraced the shape as part of our team identity. We recently got hexagonal power plugins. And we like that hexagons are found in nature in bees’ honeycombs, the shape of Petoskey stones, and more. It’s safe to say that we love hexagons, and so it was only natural to name our blog after them.

Hexagon Power
Our hexagonal power plugins

In our blog, we’ll take turns writing posts sharing insight into the projects we’re working on, the challenges we’re facing, the successes we’ve had, and more. We figure that if we’ve come across a challenge, chances are someone else is also trying to find their way through that same challenge. Plus, it only makes successes sweeter to share them!

We’d love to hear your feedback on our blog, so please leave a comment, tweet at us, or send an email. Thanks, and we hope you enjoy Notes from the Hexagon.

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